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 Dr. Fr. Tomy Mathew
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1. Students shall wear their identity cards when they enter the campus and as long as they are in it. Teachers should ensure that students comply with this.

2. No student shall enter the college building with a masked face

3. When a student meets a member of the staff within the campus or outside, they will greet him or her as a mark of respect.

4. No student shall enter other classrooms without permission of the concerned class in charge.

5. All are expected to be in the class room during study hours. No student shall wander in the campus or sit in the surroundings during class hours.

6. If any hour is free due to any reason, the class representative/leader should bring the matter to the notice of the HOD/class in charge who may make alternative arrangements.

7. Vandalism and destruction of college property will be severely dealt with. Any material loss will be fully recovered along with fine and punishment.

8. Carrying of any harmful weapon or explosive is absolutely forbidden inside the college campus.

9. Smoking, consumption of alcoholic beverages and use of narcotic drugs are strictly prohibited in the campus. Criminal proceedings will be initiated against those found with/under the influence of alcohol or narcotic drugs within the campus.

10. The Principal is entitled to take punitive action on any student for his/her misconduct. Misconduct shall include –

a. Staying away from classes without sufficient reason.

b. Disrespectful behaviour towards teaching & non-teaching staff and security personnel.

c. Loitering in the campus during working hours and after class time.

d. Disorderly behaviour in the class.

e. Organising tours without the permission of the Principal

f. Organising meetings, distributing leaflets or hand-bills or displaying notices, banners and posters inside the campus without the permission of the principal.

g. Scribbling offensive, abusive or obscene words or figures on black boards or walls or other places in the college or college campus.

h. Taking photos of others in the campus without the latter's consent.


Punctuality & Attendance

1. There will be classes on 6 days a week starting from Monday through Saturday. College timing is from 8.30am to 4.30pm

2. There will be 5 hours of 1 hour each on a day starting from 9.00 am and ending at 2.45 pm.

3. Second Saturdays will be holidays.

4. All students shall be present in their respective class rooms at least ten minutes prior to the prayer time i.e. at 8.45 am.

5. Attendance will be marked at the beginning of each hour. Attendance slips will be collected from each class within 10 minutes after starting the classes.

6. Absence of students in the class will be intimated to the parents within 20 minutes of starting the classes.

7. The college gates will remain closed from 8.50 am to 2.15 pm. Vehicles will not be allowed inside during this time. Any late comer can keep his/her vehicle, if any, outside the gate of the college in a proper way and come inside by walk. Wrong parking on the roadside will invite a fine of Rs.50/-

8. Students who are not present in the class at the time of marking the attendance will lose attendance for that hour.

9. Loss of attendance of one period in the morning session will be treated as absence for the entire forenoon and absence for one period in the afternoon session will be treated as absence for the entire afternoon.

10. Total absence of any three hours on any day will be treated as absent for the full day.

11. 75% attendance is mandatory for a student to be qualified for internals, university exams and participation in union election, tour, trekking, sports & cultural activities etc.

Leave of Absence - A student shall get prior permission from the class teacher/HOD before availing any leave. Leave application addressed to the Principal shall be given to the class teacher. Any student absent on a day without prior permission should produce the leave letter duly signed by the student as well as his/her parent.

Bio Data File - Every class teacher shall maintain a bio-data file of the students under his/her charge. The bio-data form shall be filled in by the students in the first week of starting the classes with a passport size photo pasted on the right top and signed by the student and parent. Any important observation/ document relating to a student should be noted in the form.

College Fee- Total fee is paid in two installments - 1st at the time of admission and 2nd before 30th October each year. Late fee will be charged if fee is paid after due date.


General Policies

Dress code - Students shall be clean, smart and gentle in appearance. Hence students shall wear modest and neat dress. Jeans, low-waist pants, T-shirts, sleeveless blouses, miniskirts, tights, short & flimsy attire etc. are to be avoided. They shall strictly wear uniform on stipulated days. The uniform should be complete in all respects.

Mobile Phone - Use of mobile phones is strictly prohibited inside the college building. If anybody brings mobile phone to the college shall keep it in the bag on off mode. All the staff members of the college are authorised to confiscate the mobile phones used by any student inside the college building. Any phone confiscated will be handed over to the Principal and it will not be returned.

If a parent wants to communicate any message to his ward, he/she may call the College Office MobileNo. 9425258613 and pass the message.

Parking - Bikes shall be parked at the designated places only in an orderly manner. Instructions of the parking-in-charge and security personnel, in this respect shall be strictly followed. Any misconduct reported will result in not getting a parking space inside the campus. During class hours students shall neither go out of the campus without permission from the Principal/Director/Vice Principal/any General Co-ordinator nor sit or rest in the parking area. Bikes or any other vehicles entering the college campus should be at the lowest possible speed i.e. 20 kms per hour. Over speed, honking or rash driving will be punished with fine. Students are not allowed to go to the parking area meant for teachers' vehicles and/or to sit on the vehicles.

Re-admission of Students  - Re-admission has to be taken by 2 and 3 year students at the beginning of each year/semester. No students shall be allowed to attend classes without taking re-admission. Supplementary students shall take provisional re-admission by paying 50% of the annual/semester fee and the same is non-refundable in any case. The students who fail in the exam may take admission as ex-students. Such students will conditionally be permitted to attend/participate in the activities of the college with an undertaking signed by the parent/guardian and the student that such a student if found involved in the breach of discipline of the college will ipso-facto be dismissed from the college. The decision of the management will be final and binding on such students.

Examination (Internal and University) - Students shall enter the exam hall at least 5 minutes prior to the time of the exam. They shall not leave the hall before the expiry of 1 ½ hour from the time of starting the exam.

Grievance Redressal Mechanism - A separate cell is functioning in the college for settling any grievances of students. It is a three tier system. Tier 1 = class teacher. Tier 2 = HOD. Tier 3 = Principal in consultation with the grievance redressal cell. Any complaint should go first to the class teacher. If the student feels that he/she is denied justice, he/she may approach the HOD and then to the principal, if necessary.

Principal, on getting written complaint from any student or others for redressal, will appoint, in consultation with the Grievance Redressal Cell, a commission for making enquiry of the facts/case and necessary action will be taken upon getting the commission' s report.

Transfer Certificate and Conduct Certificate - Transfer certificate will be issued to a student only after payment of all the dues to the college. The student has to obtain a nodues certificate from the office, library, lab own department, and sports-in-charge. The office will ensure that the applicant has surrendered his/her identity card before giving away the TC. The application for TC shall be signed by the parents.

Conduct certificate is not issued as a matter of right. A student has to earn for the conduct certificate. It is issued on the basis of over-all performance of the student as reported by the class teacher and all other teachers of the department.

Distribution of Prizes and Awards - Prizes for final year toppers, University rank holders, sports & games champions, and Kalathilak&Kalaprathibha of the year shall be distributed on Annual Day function. Prizes for winners of department level competitions and top scorers of first and second year classes will be distributed on the same day of competition or during some other relevant occasions.

Club Activities – Appropriate activities may be organised by the clubs – especially related to education, cleanliness, social welfare, extension, life skills, best practices etc. Conduct and participation in inter club competitions, inter collegiate competitions, and inter school competitions, maintenance and updating of boards etc. will be considered in selecting the best club.

Internet &Wi-Fi facility – Wi-Fi will be available in the campus for educational purposes. Concessions – Students eligible for and seeking concessions in fee shall make an application for the same immediately after taking admission and after paying the first instalment of fees. Prescribed form for the same is available in the office. Subsequent requests will not be considered.



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